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As a music school created well into the 21st Century, the Mediterranean Music College aims to provide an educational community where students enjoy a fulfilling learning experience, enriched with a lively social environment. We strongly believe music, as a way of expression of human feelings, is best enriched by exposure and participation in real-life moments; the city of Valencia is one of the most extroverted communities around the world, offering limitless opportunities in this sense.

The Student Life team in MMC is here to help our students understand the details of everyday life in Valencia and ensure their well-being, which will ultimately guarantee the success of their learning experience in this fabulous city.

The information for Students section of this website is meant to provide students with relevant information about all kinds of aspects of life in Valencia, although we’re conscious that we cannot cover everything. For any questions not contemplated here, please address our Student Services Team at [email protected].

We’re excited to share our city with you — Valencia is one of the most culturally-expanding cities in Europe, where hundreds of incredible musical and cultural events happen every month.

Our partners at the Fundació Visit València have prepared a miriad of resources for you to discover the richness of our community — to learn more, visit 

Video ©TVCB, Valencia. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

Things to Do

We at MMC are strong advocates for work-life balance, and believe that an important part of being a student at MMC is that you get to experience Valencia (aside, of course, our amazing faculty, and the our globally-minded revolutionary programs). Our friends over at Visit Valencia have created an incredible resource where you can find out what to do in our town, and the things you must absolutely see during your residence at our city. These are our recommended reads from their blog:

Housing Information

Unlike in countries like the US, first and second year bachelor students are not required to live in student dorms, as in Spain they are considered adults once they are 18 years old. Besides, Valencia is one of the cities with the lowest crime rate in the world, making it a very safe place to walk around.

For the time being, MMC does not directly offer housing services, and students must research, choose, and arrange their own housing. It is very important that you understand MMC will not be providing or involved with any service related to housing, renting, or student residences, so it cannot be liable for any issues arising from dealings between the student and any external agencies or private owners. Mediterranean Music College is providing below some recommendations and a listing on a merely informative basis, in order to help students organize their accommodation
in Valencia.

Eating in Spain

The lifestyle and hours are a little different in Spain. The main difference is that the main meal of the day, “la comida” is usually eaten around 2pm. Dinner is usually eaten around 9 or 10pm. So, if you go to a restaurant at say 12 noon, or 7pm, they are unlikely to be ready to serve you.

When time and circumstance permit, people will take a break and nap anywhere between 2 – 5pm, so if you are staying in an apartment, people usually refrain from practicing their instruments or playing music loudly during these hours.

The meals are outlined below:

Meal Timing Typical Food
Desayuno / breakfast Morning Café con leche, tostadas con tomate, croissant.
Almuerzo 11 AM bocadillos, pincho de tortilla.
La comida / lunch 2-3 PM often a 2 or 3-course meal, with a coffee to finish. The main meal of the day. Followed by a siesta (nap) when time and circumstance permit!
Merienda / afternoon tea 5-6 PM café and snack – biscuit, cake
Cena / dinner 9-10 PM Tapas, or a restaurant meal.


Moving around in our city is easy, and very cost-effective. To begin with, Valencia is very friendly towards the use of bycicles; just make sure to review what the regulations are with regards to riding — this resource from the City of Valencia helps in understanding how to ride safely in Valencia.

Buses – The local bus service is called EMT (“Empresa Municipal de Transporte”), and have a helpful web portal through which you can find out what local bus routes are, and calculate your options. Visit their website here. You can pay cash on board, or buy an EMT card from a tobacco shop (called “estanco” in Spanish) and top it up.

Valenbisi – This is a short-term bike rental service that is available around the city of Valencia, and is very convenient and inexpensive. You may purchase a suscription for about 30€ per year, and will have access to unlimited rides under 30 min for free. More info about Valenbisi here.

Taxi / Ridesharing – Popular ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft are not currently available in Valencia, but there’s the MyTaxi or Cabify apps which you can download and use in the city.

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