Mike Roylance

Mike Roylance Professor, Tuba

Principal Tuba, Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Mike W. Roylance became the tubist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra at the start of the 2003 Tanglewood season. Mr. Roylance attended the University of Miami and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. At Rollins College, he served on the faculty, conducting the brass ensemble and directing the Pep Band. He was also the professor of tuba and euphonium at the University of Central Florida. In Chicago, he played with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra, and Seattle Symphony Orchestra. He was also the principal tubist with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago for the 2001–2002 season. Mr. Roylance performed on tuba and electric bass in a wide genre of ensembles such as orchestra, chamber groups, Dixieland bands, big bands, and Broadway shows. He was a member of Walt Disney World’s Orchestra and Rosie O’Grady’s Good Time Jazz Band. His career also includes performances in Europe and Japan, where he performed as a soloist and taught master classes. His European performances have included the Classical Festival Orchestra in Vienna, Austria, and the Sam Rivers RivBea Orchestra in Portugal. Mr. Roylance has studied with such notable players as Conni Weldod; former University of Miami professor James Jenkins (Jacksonville Symphony); Bob Tucci (Bavarian State Opera); Chester Schmitz (Boston Symphony, retired); Gene Pokorny (Chicago Symphony); and Floyd Cooley (San Francisco Symphony, retired).

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