Brouwer Trio

Brouwer Trio Visiting Ensemble, Composition

Jenny Guerra, violin; Elena Solanes, cello; Carlos Apellániz, piano

Ever since its successful debut in France, B3:Brouwer Trio has established itself among the leading chamber groups in the contemporary music scene, especially among Spanish and Latin-American composers. This Spanish trio, settled in Valencia, takes its name in homage to Cuban composer, guitarist, and conductor Leo Brouwer, who has dedicated two superb works to the Trio (“Pictures at another exhibition” and “El oráculo de Ifá”).

The Trio undertakes contemporary works with the same rigor in concept, energy, and passion they dedicate to Classical-Romantic repertoire, making them a unique formation in the current field of chamber music, as stressed by critics who have complimented their brilliant performances for their “beauty in sound, individual virtuosity, clear and balanced blend, and flexible sense of rhythm”. Their compromise with contemporary music is their motivation and the main basis of their work, as reflected by the numerous works dedicated to the Trio by more than twenty renowned composers and their large number of world premieres. B3:Brouwer Trio has appeared frequently in major Spanish concert halls and festivals and its international tours include performances in the U.S., Latin- America, and Europe. The Trio has recorded the CDs “Pictures at another exhibition” (Fundación Autor, SGAE) and “The beautiful Cuban woman” (Rycy Productions Inc., Burbank-California), Benet Casablancas Piano Trios (Naxos) and has participated in the CDs “Las Sombras Divinas” (Verso), “Old Havana - Vol 2” (Rycy Productions Inc.), and Estrenos en Concierto-Chamber Music Vol 4 (Rycy Productions Inc.).

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