MMC and COVID-19

COVID Vaccine - Valencia

Thanks to the effective health policies deployed during the pandemics, Spain has become one of the safest places to visit or live in the world, concerning COVID-19. In fact, the Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking considers Spain as the 2nd most resilient country in the world.

Schools and universities opened almost normally since September 2020 (before any vaccine was available), and thanks to the contingency plans required in each of them there were almost no cases originated at schools. Today, with almost 75% of Spanish population vaccinated, schools are running with full normality, still using masks, of course. Under this situation, one can almost surely predict that for 2022-2023 COVID will not represent a problem any more. In any case, MMC has its own contingency plan, officially approved, that would ensure it as a safe institution, so there’s nothing to fear when applying to MMC!

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