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Tuition and Fees

We will be publishing MedMusic’s 2023-2024 tuition and fees for each program in July, 2022. MMC is making all efforts necessary to offer an incredible, unique education program for the most talented students, while setting a very low tuition cost. We have reduced costs to the minimum, by automating many of the processes, thus reducing the number of administration employees, and keeping general expenses low, in order to make it easy for you to plan your study years in Valencia.

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Financial Aid Information

As explained above, the Mediterranean Music College is making a tremendous effort to bring costs of tuition to the lowest possible limits, and we are proud of having reunited one of the most select faculty teams in the world. At the same time, we’re offering an incredibly high number of private lessons to our students, offering the multiplying experience of team instruction, which is going to be like studying in various different schools at the same time, for the price of one!

We have spent countless hours imagining and designing a higher educational environment that is going to break many barriers, in order to make the learning process more valuable and adapted to the reality of the third decade of this century. Not only we’re bringing amazing teachers for our students’ majors, but we also intend to establish revolutionary ways in which the rest of the coursework adapts and addresses the real necessities of each instrumentalist, singer, composer, and conductor, as will be shown during the following weeks.

With all this, it’s easy to understand that our financial aid possibilities for students are severely limited because we have already distributed it democratically by establishing very low tuition costs. Still, we’ll be offering a few financial aid packages to the most talented students, and it is our objective to keep fighting to raise funds for our students.

Being our financial aid possibilities so limited, we encourage our prospective students to be aware of MMC news and to apply as soon as possible in order to enter the first audition period, which will give them more chances.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships will be available to Master’s degree students who demonstrate the necessary skills for each task. To be considered for an assistantship, you need to submit your application for February auditions, marking it in your application.

Assistantships can be offered to piano graduate students who can demonstrate enough experience and skills to take over instrumental and vocal accompaniment roles with all the guarantees required, as they will be playing for private lessons with all our world-class faculty. MMC doesn’t guarantee that all assistantships will be awarded if there are not enough candidates who can meet all the requirements.

Assistantships could cover the full tuition amount, or they might only cover a portion of it (usually half-tuition), depending on the needs of the school and the capacity of the students selected.

In-house job opportunities

Orchestral instruments students can participate in the MMC Conductor’s Orchestra, a paid position for all the members, where they will also have the opportunity to learn from the conductor’s class. Students will be offered this possibility according to the results of the school orchestra auditions that will take place at the beginning of the fall semester. Payments for this service will be made in the form of a scholarship.

Living Expenses in Valencia

Valencia is not an expensive city. Considering the multiple benefits of a city with some of the highest living standards in Europe (excellent transportation system, access to all kinds of services, vibrant cultural life, extremely low crime rate, incredible climate conditions, over 20 km of beautiful beaches, monumental areas that take you back to the Roman times, easy connections to all European capitals by plane and fast train, etc.), it’s really surprising to see how inexpensive living in Valencia can be, and that plays clearly in favor of students, who are usually concerned about their pocket’s health. With such attractive conditions, it’s not surprising to see Valencia as one of the principal destinations for Erasmus students from all over Europe!

We have prepared an estimate of how much it would cost to live in Valencia during a year, considering a period of ten months. The academic year usually goes somewhere between mid-September till mid-June, and students are used to renting their apartments from September 1st until June 30. The same thing happens with student residencies. 


Residence Housing (Double occupancy Housing, 10 months, starting at)** €4,950
Food*** €2,000
Books & Supplies €300
Sports Membership (with Universitat Politècnica de Valencia facilities) €250
City Transportation (Valenbisi: 29€/yearly) €29
Ground Transportation (EMT)**** €170
Travel expenses (average) €1,500
Health Insurance for Foreign Students (yearly cost) €900

*These are figures for 2022-23 academic year standard prices, based on 10 months of an academic year. Please be aware that values will be different for year 2023-2024.

**Residence prices are referred to the cheapest 2021-2022 prices at Collegiate Marina Real, for an estimate. Prices for 2022-2023 will change, but not substantially. Apartment rental costs can be considerably cheaper, starting at 250€/room if you share with other colleagues.

***Based on 200€/month groceries expenses. Collegiate Marina Real doesn’t offer a dining service, but each room has a full kitchen, just like any other apartment.

****With Bonobús you can travel on city buses for 0,85€ per hour, including commutes between different lines. The estimate is based on one average load of 20 tickets per month. For more info click here

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