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Information about Valencia, and procedures about steps following admission

We’re excited to share our city with you — Valencia is one of the most culturally-expanding cities in Europe, where hundreds of incredible musical and cultural events happen every month.

Our partners at the Fundació Visit València have prepared a miriad of resources for you to discover the richness of our community — to learn more, visit 

Video ©TVCB, Valencia. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

We’re Excited You’ve Decided to come! Here are the next steps.

Once Accepted

Please check back later for more information about what to do once accepted into our College. For information about admissions, please click here.

Student Visa Procedure

Information coming soon. This resource contains information about what is required, in a general sense, but please check your local Spanish consulate for student visa information.

Technology Recommendations

We recommend that each student comes prepared with the technology tools that will help them succeed throughout their experience at Mediterranean Music College. Given that our programs have a highly-important digital marketing component, we ask that each student comes equipped with a computer (laptop recommended) with which they are able to smoothly run at least the Microsoft Office suite, and that can handle watching streams on the internet and participate in virtual calls (on Zoom, Skype, and other video-calling software). MMC will be communicating with students via e-mail, and students are required to monitor their e-mail and ensure no important communications go ignored.

Because of the aforementioned digital marketing components of our programs, we highly recommend that our students are equipped with computers (Apple or PC) which are able to run audio editing / production software (such as Audacity or Reaper, and other commercially-available software), and able to handle moderate video production software (such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker).

Students are encouraged to get a local phone number in order to stay in communication with their family and friends. The most common providers in Valencia are Vodafone, Movistar, and Orange. For information about their rates, please click one of the links below; please know that some of these links are in Spanish.

Vodafone Info (ES) | Orange Info (EN) | Movistar Info (ES)

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